Need Help?

I (or an advocate I have trained) provide a broad range of services, from advocacy at IEP meetings, to case reviews/strategies of your child or loved one’s disability and special education files. I conduct parent advocacy coaching and video/teleconference in to meetings outside of my area. I can sometimes send an advocate in your area to attend your meeting, after I develop a case review and strategy for you. I do attend mediation and hearings for my clients (at their expense). I still work with several law firms around the U.S. on special ed cases, and if your case needs an attorney, can refer and work with your attorney on a matter as well.

In addition, I consult with various agencies, from staff, board, and client training to detailed work on a project in a particular community in need. For advocacy, please go to and fill out a request for a consultation. For an agency staff or training request, please visit my contact page.