I am the parent of a child with a disability in the public school system. I know exactly what you are going through if you have just had a diagnosis, are struggling to obtain a diagnosis, or are fighting with your school district on needed services and plans for your child. I went to law school and became a lawyer BECAUSE of my son and what I faced as a parent while trying to access services and basic justice on his behalf.

As an advocate for your child, I can tell you tricks, tips, and strategies to get what you want for your child, as well as point out the regulations and procedures that might best help you.

As a former community organizer, I think that every parent needs to be able to know how to access laws and procedures that affect their children.

More about me: 

At the age of 23, I founded a grassroots organization for Latina women called Latina Mami, in Austin, Texas. (Latina Mami runs in Austin and in L.A. now.) I hosted Latina Mami’s “Mamis of Color” radio show, for 8 years on KOOP 91.7 FM in Austin, and served on the KOOP Board of Directors.

I was named one of Austin’s “10 Most Loved Women” by Austin Monthly Magazine and was featured in Latina Magazine as an “Inspiring Latina”. I’ve also been named an Ernst and Young’s Social Entrepreneur of the Year finalist.

I have worked as a professional advocate and organizer on immigrant rights and reproductive justice issues, especially as they affect working-class women.

Click here for an article written about me and Latina Mami/organizing and why I was an organizer as a young mom.

I graduated with a Juris Doctor from The Peoples College of Law and passed the California bar on my first administration of the exam.

I am now the president of the board of Peoples College of Law in Los Angeles, a law instructor there, and serve as a commissioner on the California Advisory Committee on Special Education.