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Who am I?

I’m a disability and civil rights advocate. I have the advantage of having worked for ACLU, Disability Rights TX (a nonprofit law firm for people with disabilities), AND private attorneys on special education… Continue reading

On Huffington Post

Check me out on Huffington Post talking about special education in the U.S. today.

“Special” Education? “Special” Needs?

What’s so special about segregation, not having friends, or having to prove that you can eat lunch at the same table as your peers? Who among us hasn’t heard of the kid who… Continue reading

Latina Mami

Once, (a looong time ago!) I was a new mother with a baby on my hip. I started the Latina Mami organization in 2000 to work with disenfranchised Latina mothers. I first began… Continue reading

Need Help?

I (or an advocate I have trained) provide a broad range of services, from advocacy at IEP meetings, to case reviews/strategies of your child or loved one’s disability and special education files. I… Continue reading

Divorcing Autism

Follow my personal blog, Divorcing Autism, on divorce, remarriage, and coparenting a teen with autism with my ex and my husband. It’s a mess sometimes but we make it work: even if it means… Continue reading