“Gloria, I didn’t want the day to get away from me before I had a chance to THANK YOU!!!  Finally, finally, I got what I wanted…As well as placement with much, much,much, better teachers. I just couldn’t be happier. I can see a brighter future ahead for my kids, so again, thanks. And thanks for all the encouragement you gave me to find my own answers and to fight for my kids with in the system instead for against. I tell you though, it was draining, I went straight to bed after, I just passed out. And then last night I celebrated like I’d just lost 30 pounds!”

–Rhonda Roberts, Austin, TX


“I wouldn’t have been able to do it all without you…THANK YOU for getting my daughter what she needs. I am so relieved and happy right now. You have been here this entire semester through all of her changes with this new school and I thank you for helping her get what she needed.”

–Mandy R., Mesquite, TX


“Thank you for everything. My son finally has friends and wants to go to school every day. Also, his teachers understand that we are parents who know our rights.”  (translated from Spanish)

–Socorro Reynosa, Los Angeles, CA