Who am I?

I’m a disability and civil rights advocate. I have the advantage of having worked for ACLU, Disability Rights TX (a nonprofit law firm for people with disabilities), AND private attorneys on special education and disability matters.
I’m also the mother to an 18 year old with autism. I have an extensive background working with disenfranchised and marginalized people, and organizing and advocating for them. And if your child has a disability, they are included in this category, especially when you confront daily systemic barriers such as those within school systems and state and governmental agencies.
I remind parents who come to me exasperated that integrating differently-abled children into schools is not unlike when we first integrated black and brown children into previously all-white schools. Just because the law changed and children were bunched together in classrooms, it didn’t mean that racism all of a sudden didn’t exist. Attitudes, bigotry, and unspoken barriers still remain(ed).
The same holds true for children today who require special education services. Not all school administrators know (or care) about differently-abled children and many don’t think your child should be receiving precious resources. Barriers to the idea of disability still remain. Disability is a civil rights issue.
If you are having problems with your child’s school or services or with organizing or training citizens in a particular community, I can help.
Another article written about me in Latina Magazine about a nonprofit for Latina mothers I founded: